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Month: April 2021

EP #8: Dr. Ranjith Mahen – Being $190K In Debt To Opening Two Multi-Million Chiropractic Clinics With Just $10K

Dr. Ranjith Mahen is a health educator, chiropractor, and weight loss and clinic coach. He joins Ara to discuss being $190,000 in
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EP #7: Jananie Baskaran – Raising $60K For Charity Using Photography

Jananie Baskaran is a photographer, artist, and founder of the non-profit organization Palm Roots. She joins Ara to discuss how she raised
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EP #6: Vozhi – How A Seattle-Based Real Estate Entrepreneur Vozhi Got To Rap In A Kollywood Film

Vozhi is a Tamil-American Seattle-based entrepreneur, rapper, and community activist. He joins Ara to discuss how he got the opportunity to rap
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EP #5: Showkace – Podcast/Radio Host Is Normalizing Conversations Around Mental Health

Kausalya Vimal aka Kacy joins Ara to discuss mental health, manifestation, and why Aunty Kamala’s opinion doesn’t matter, before diving into another
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