EP #6: Vozhi – How A Seattle-Based Real Estate Entrepreneur Vozhi Got To Rap In A Kollywood Film

Vozhi is a Tamil-American Seattle-based entrepreneur, rapper, and community activist. He joins Ara to discuss how he got the opportunity to rap in Kollywood film Vellai Pookal, how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him to get into real estate, getting the governor of Washington to officially make March 9th Tamil Heritage Day, and why the victim mentality is counterproductive to you achieving your goals.

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Read the feature interview on TamilCulture.com – https://tamilculture.com/seattle-based-entrepreneur-arivozhi-adiaman-vozhi-uses-real-estate-and-music-to-empower-local-community

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00:15 – Introducing Arivozhi Adiaman aka Vozhi

02:51 – Following the traditional corporate path before having an epiphany

05:10 – Transitioning towards working in real estate, making music, and engaging in community service

08:51 – Why people are fearful of owning real estate, why they shouldn’t be, and how technology is bridging the knowledge gap

14:52 – Where Vozhi’s name came from, and how hip hop has helped him express himself without worrying about insecurities

20:39 – Getting to rap in Kollywood film Vellai Pookal after only six months of putting his work out for public consumption

23:35 – This golden age of the creator era, treating social media as a tool to track progress and connect with your audience

25:41 – The importance of consistency and not getting caught up in the metrics that society sets

33:33 – Taking advantage of every opportunity, how the victim mentality is counterproductive to achieving your goals

36:46 – How Vozhi manages to balance real estate, music, and community activism

39:51 – Resources Vozhi uses to build his knowledge, and how Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired Vozhi to get into real estate

43:59 – How Vozhi wants to be remembered, and what he’s doing to hopefully achieve that

45:16 – Appreciating his parents for immigrating to America without Google Maps and other people he finds inspiration from

48:01 – Talking about the Tamil community

51:01 – Getting approval from the Governor of Washington to officially make March 9th Tamil Heritage Day

51:51 – Advice Vozhi gives to other aspiring Tamil creators, forgetting about other peoples’ opinions

53:46 – Would You Rather

60:24 – The Wrap Up