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EP #31: Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam – Award-Winning Kollywood Singer & Elementary School Teacher

Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam (@luksimimusic) is an award-winning Kollywood singer...

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My name is Ara Ehamparam and I’m a super curious guy. I ask a lot of questions if you know me so naturally I created a podcast to give myself an excuse to learn more about super interesting people that I’ve met. I’m currently the co-founder of Continyou Care (cloud-based platform digitizing non-clinical activities in senior homes across Canada) and (media technology platform for the global Tamil community). I love working on projects that have a social component to them. Ultimately at the end of the day, a business needs to make money, but should also leave a lasting, positive legacy from a social perspective as well.

I am a disciple of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement and a family man living in a condo with his wife and two kids – not out of necessity, but by choice – so that we can achieve our ultimate goal of financial independence. I also love: the Raptors, my wife, my kids (in that order… just kidding of course), travelling, food, reading, working on my start-up ventures, and Toronto (the best city in the world to call home, in my biased opinion).

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