EP #8: Dr. Ranjith Mahen – Being $190K In Debt To Opening Two Multi-Million Chiropractic Clinics With Just $10K

Dr. Ranjith Mahen is a health educator, chiropractor, and weight loss and clinic coach. He joins Ara to discuss being $190,000 in debt, opening his first practice with $10,000, the importance of mastering your energy, and overcoming self-doubt to pursue what you want.

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Read his feature story on TamilCulture.com – https://tamilculture.com/dr-ranjith-mahens-secret-to-running-two-successful-multimillion-dollar-practices-be-generous-and-give-back

Connect with Dr. Ranjith via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/doctormahen/

Ep8 Timestamps

00:15 – Introducing Dr. Ranjith Mahen

01:36 – Ranjith recalls how he met Ara, contemplating dropping out of school after his mother’s sudden passing

04:13 – What does a chiropractor do and why should someone go to a chiropractor

11:39 – Being $190,000 in debt with student loans

13:13 – Ranjith speaks on how Ara’s dad was a mentor to him and how a solid network helped him start his first practice with $10,000

17:48 – Struggling with self-doubt and overcoming it

19:26 – How to find a balance between work and life, and the importance of getting your energy right

21:30 – Ranjith speaks on the health transformation he underwent during COVID, and how this is the first generation of children who won’t outlive their parents

25:44 – Purchasing his first commercial real estate property for the business, where Ranjith sees himself in the next 3-5 years

28:32 – Books and stories that inspire Ranjith

30:57 – His mom’s passing has inspired him to help others, and recapping an example of how when you give more is given to you

32:54 – Being Tamil a major part of Ranjith’s identity

34:29 – Being inspired by Tony Robbins and A. R. Rahman

36:25 – Putting aside fear to build certainty

38:26 – What Would You Choose

42:35 – The Wrap Up