Kausalya Vimal aka Kacy joins Ara to discuss mental health, manifestation, and why Aunty Kamala’s opinion doesn’t matter, before diving into another round of “Would You Choose/Rather.” For the first time ever, this episode of #TheTamilCreator also includes a bit of bonus audio, so make sure you stick around until the end.

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EP5 Timestamps
00:15 – Introducing Kausalya Vimal (aka Kacy)
02:11 – Kacy’s mental health podcast
03:35 – Launching the podcast shortly after her sister’s cancer diagnosis and a work incident
06:38 – The false glamour of social media and how people have received her podcast
08:30 – Why conversations around mental health are only becoming normalized now
11:55 – Hosting a radio show with the aspiration of bridging generations together, how it’s different from her podcast
16:07 – Belief in manifestation, and end goal of having a TV show on national television
17:50 – How Kacy’s full-time job as a mental health counsellor and hosting a podcast/radio show feed into each other
19:00 – How growing up around youth violence and “groups” drew her towards a career in mental health
22:31 – Kacy’s love for dance, how she wants to tie it into her brand going forward
25:14 – The perception of a career in the creative arts, specifically in the Tamil community
27:45 – Kacy’s PSA to follow your dream and work hard
28:36 – Representation matters (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lilly Singh)
– Finding inspiration from motivational speaker Trent Shelton, other
Tamil podcasts, and Social Change Activist Amanda Seales
35:43 – Numbers driving people’s decision to perceive something/someone as important
37:44 – Waking up early and affirmations have changed Kacy’s life
41:08 – Wanting to be remembered for taking the time to listen to others
41:57 – Kacy’s admiration for her mom and Will Smith
45:31 – Ara recalls a story of rebellion from his childhood
47:02 – Kacey delivers another PSA encouraging other creators to ignore the numbers and instead create out of passion
49:20 – The negative effect social media is having on kids
51:01 – Would You Rather
60:38 – Wrap up
63:25 – Bonus audio

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