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EP #86: Ganesh Thava – Overcoming Childhood Adversities To Find Success As An Actor & Director

Ganesh Thava (@ganesh.thava) is a Tamil-Canadian Director, Writer & Actor. He’s had roles in movies “Spin” and “Cyber Underground” while writing &
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EP #65: Rubi Balasingam – Kung Fu Trained Australian Actress & Writer Promoting Tamil Voices In TV & Film

Rubi Balasingam (@rubi_balasingam) is an Australian-based actress and screenwriter, includes roles in TV Series “Jack Irish” and “Improv Sessions”. She joins Ara
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EP #44: Vas Saranga – Canadian Actor, Writer & Entrepreneur

Vas Saranga (@vas_saranga) is an actor and entrepreneur (founder @theonlineactor) who has made appearances in productions such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Orphan
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