EP #65: Rubi Balasingam – Kung Fu Trained Australian Actress & Writer Promoting Tamil Voices In TV & Film

Rubi Balasingam (@rubi_balasingam) is an Australian-based actress and screenwriter, includes roles in TV Series “Jack Irish” and “Improv Sessions”.

She joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss starting out her career while doing comedic theatre, the importance of a side hustle as an actor, learning Kung Fu & ballet to improve her odds in acting, discussing being an extrovert vs introvert, if she would ever consider moving to North America for her acting career, the experience with dealing with different agents, Mortal Kombat being filmed in Australia, and much more.

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Rubi Balasingam
01:03 – Rubi speaks on a ’typical immigrant’ upbringing; unable to watch the Simpsons but violent Tamil movies were okay
03:49 – Her journey to becoming an actress/writer (Ara interrupts to rave about Kim’s Convenience)
06:43 – Not telling her parents about acting, working her way up with agents, landing her first TV show
11:59 – Lack of transparency around actors talking about how difficult it was for them to make it
13:30 – How Rubi deals with ‘repeated rejection’ as it relates to auditions
15:41 – Using martial arts, ballet, and hanging out with her ‘normal 9-5 friends’ as a coping mechanism
17:30 – The importance of perspective and not playing the victim
18:31 – Australia not being known for acting; is Rubi considering a move elsewhere?
21:56 – Rubi’s thoughts on Australia and its Tamil community
24:16 – Living in a immigrant heavy area where Tamil food (and Mutton Rolls) is easily accessible
27:13 – Is pursuing a career in the creative arts being normalized in the Tamil community? Rubi thinks yes
32:04 – How Rubi ‘fills income gaps’ when she’s not acting – her degree and side hustles
35:02 – Rubi’s relationship with money, and how she views it versus how her parents view it
37:21 – Her financial goals as it relates to saving and investing; why she stays in the immediate long-term
39:21 – Not wanting to live a life that isn’t 110% what she wants it to be
40:21 – Rubi is insecure about…
47:10 – Her interests outside of work; socializing, martial arts, ballet, food, dog walking, libraries, and more
48:38 – Is Rubi extroverted or introverted?
50:07 – How she wants to be remembered by friends and family
50:48 – The way in which Rubi’s friendships have changed/evolved
52:14 – What makes a good friend?
53:32 – Transitioning into ‘grown up Rubi’
55:32 – Who she admires from the global Tamil and non-Tamil community
1:02:15 – Creator Confessions
1:05:32 – The Wrap Up

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Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan