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Month: May 2022

EP #65: Rubi Balasingam – Kung Fu Trained Australian Actress & Writer Promoting Tamil Voices In TV & Film

Rubi Balasingam (@rubi_balasingam) is an Australian-based actress and screenwriter, includes roles in TV Series “Jack Irish” and “Improv Sessions”. She joins Ara
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EP #64: Rajan Bala – Missing Out On A “Big Exit” As The Co-Founder Of Retail Tech Startup Hiku

Rajan Bala (@im.provising) enjoys being a tech builder – he was a co-founder at retail tech startup Hiku. Rajan joins Ara on
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EP #63: Milli Thangarajah – International Makeup Artist (Published)

Milli Thangarajah (@thiso_makeup) is a published international makeup artist. She joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss the kindest
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EP #62: Vinnin (Vinuson Suntharesan) – 17-Year-Old Canadian Hip Hop Artist With A Song On The NBA 2K21 Soundtrack

Vinnin (@vinninwinnin) is a 17 year-old Malyali/Tamil-Canadian hip hop artist from Scarborough. He joins Ara (as the youngest guest to date) on
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EP #61: Priscilla Sreedharan – Former Associate Producer on CBC’s Dragons’ Den

Priscilla Sreedharan (@priscillasree) is a content producer and passionate storyteller who was an Associate Producer of Dragon’s Den (@cbcdragon) during its ascent.
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