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Month: July 2022

EP #73: Tia Bhuva – Founder Of Successful E-Commerce Brand ( & Creator Of The “Saree Silhouette”

Tia Bhuva (@tiabhuva) is the CEO & Founder of successful e-commerce company (@tiabhuvadotcom) and creator of the trademarked “Saree Silhouette” (ie.
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EP #72: Bhi Bhiman – St. Louis Native & Musician On His Journey Including New Album “I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous”

Bhi Bhiman (@bhibhiman) is an American singer-songwriter who grew in St. Louis and now lives in LA. He’s been called “One of
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EP #71: Tanya Selvaratnam – Emmy-Nominated Producer, Writer, Abuse Survivor & Social Justice Champion

Tanya Selvaratnam (@tanyaauthor) is an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, abuse survivor and social justice champion. She joins Ara on this week’s episode of
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EP #70: Prakash Chandran – Co-Founder & CEO of Xano, Fastest No Code Backend Development Platform

Prakash Chandran (@prakawesome) is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder of Xano, the fastest no code backend development platform.
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