EP #72: Bhi Bhiman – St. Louis Native & Musician On His Journey Including New Album “I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous”

Bhi Bhiman (@bhibhiman) is an American singer-songwriter who grew in St. Louis and now lives in LA. He’s been called “One of America’s Best Kept Secrets”.

He joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss his latest album “I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous” as a tribute to his late nephew, the guitar being his first love at age 7, his album being a socio-political response to Donald Trump’s election and the American landscape, doing a parody of Whiplash with Keegan-Michael Key (@Keegan-Michael Key) and struggling to keep up, Twitter being a ‘bad neighbourhood’ that Bhi doesn’t enjoy visiting, getting to go on tour with one of his heroes (lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Cornell [@chriscornellofficial] of Soundgarden), and so much more.

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00:19 – You interrupt and eavesdrop on a conversation between Ara and this week’s guest, Bhi Bhiman
01:57 – Bhi catches you up to speed on what he and Ara were discussing; growing up listening to Ray Charles, Nina Simone, etc.
02:51 – Growing up in St. Louis, suppressing his culture to fit in, and having ‘rebellious’ tastes in music and entertainment
07:08 – Feeling like a career in entertainment was unreachable, the Sri Lankan expectation for children to be ‘excellent’
12:25 – What Bhi’s schedule and regimen to stay on top of his game entails, and the purity of children
17:19 – His last album ‘Peace of Mind’ being released as a podcast with weekly songs; how it was received by fans
22:05 – Content being consumed differently in the streaming era and Bhi’s interview with Keegan-Michael Key
26:12 – How the movie Whiplash depicts the price of greatness
27:50 – Living with LA and how often Bhi interacts with celebrities, and why he moved there
29:43 – Writing new album ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous’ as commentary on current times and tribute to his late nephew
33:36 – The South Asian tendency to not talk about our feelings and newer generations trying to shed this thought process
36:19 – Leaders of technology companies not letting their own children use their platforms; people trying to break away from tech
37:16 – Bhi’s goals for the next 5 years and the type of influence/imprint he hopes to have once he’s gone; planning to take Ara’s job
39:56 – His dream collaboration; an electronic dance band from France called ‘Justice’
41:06 – Why writing a scripted podcast album release was one of the hardest things Bhi has done
43:33 – The personal legacy he wants to be remembered for by the public and his family
45:07 – Advice he would give his 16-year-old self if he could jump in a time machine
47:53 – Creator Confessions
52:28 – The Wrap Up

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Produced And Mixed By:
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Written By:
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– Yanchan Rajmohan