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Tag: Australia

EP #119: Nitesh Pillai – Australian-Based Model Discovered On TikTok

Nitesh Pillai (@nitesh.pillai) is professional model that was discovered on TikTok (where he has 100K+ followers & over 5 million likes). He
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EP #117: Sujan Selven – Australian-Based Serial Entrepreneur Creating Opportunities For Villages In Northeast Sri Lanka With His Social Enterprise

Sujan Selven (@sujanselven) is a serial entrepreneur with his latest venture, Space Group, focused on the telecommunications industry. He is also a
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EP #87: Abarna Raj – CEO of Australian-Based Social Startup Palmera (Changing The Way The World Tackles Poverty)

Abarna Raj is the Co-Founder & CEO of Australian-based Palmera (@palmeraprojects). The organization is named after a tree which grows in Sri
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EP #65: Rubi Balasingam – Kung Fu Trained Australian Actress & Writer Promoting Tamil Voices In TV & Film

Rubi Balasingam (@rubi_balasingam) is an Australian-based actress and screenwriter, includes roles in TV Series “Jack Irish” and “Improv Sessions”. She joins Ara
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EP #57: Amritha Shakti – Chennai-Born, Australian-Raised Musician With An MBA

Amritha Shakti (@amritha.shakti) is a Chennai-born, Australian-raised song writer who describes herself as a hippie with an MBA. She joins Ara on
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