EP #27: Bindi Bosses (Shyamla Eswaran & Ragavi Ragavan) – Australian-Based Dance Group Creating Social Movement And Discussions Through Performance & Storytelling

Shyamla Eswaran & Ragavi Ragavan from Bindi Bosses joins Ara on the latest episode of the Tamil Creator. Bindi Bosses is a progressive South Asian performing arts company that seamlessly blends Traditional Indian Classical and Folk dances with influences from South Asian Cinema and Street dances from around the world. We discuss a variety of topics including how they answer the question “Where are you from?”, their views on social media, using their platform to spark discussions around significant issues, the importance of embracing your heritage, and much more!

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00:53 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Bindi Bosses
06:13 – Tamil diaspora communities
09:24 – How Bindi Bosses responds to the age old question, “Where are you from?”
13:44 – Where did the name Bindi Bosses come from?
20:54 – Being frowned upon if you pursue a career in the creative arts
27:13 – Getting the chance to speak at TEDxSydney
29:59 – Using their platform to open up meaningful dialogue
33:46 – Having differing stances on social media; procrastination, social skills, and more
42:39 – Where Bindi Bosses sees themselves in the next 3-5 years
46:58 – Bindi Bosses’ biggest insecurities
52:56 – Hobbies outside of work
57:43 – Most impactful books/podcasts they enjoy
1:02:19 – Personal legacy they want to leave behind
1:09:29 – Advice they would give to fellow aspiring Tamil creators
1:13:57 – Embracing your cultural heritage
1:18:21 – Creator Confessions
1:40:42 – The Wrap up
1:43:40 – Blooper

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Produced And Mixed By:

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Written By:

  • Aravinthan Ehamparam
  • Yanchan Rajmohan