EP #3: Dilani Rabindran – How To Make Money In The Film Industry

Ara chats with the founder and managing director of Viewfinder Film Consulting, Dilani Rabindran, about her passion for global cinema, starting a short film fund in her late father’s name to help independent filmmakers, the South Asian stigma of having a career in the creative arts, who she finds inspiration from in the entertainment space, and much more.

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00:15 – Introducing Dilani Rabindran

01:40 – Working for TIFF and the doors it opened

03:16 – Starting Viewfinder Film Consulting to help filmmakers

08:45 – COVID’s impact on film festivals and transitioning VFC to a production company

10:30 – What film product entails, production in India vs. Canada

12:12 – Starting a short film fund in her late father’s name

14:08 – Dilani’s writing journey with the likes of Behindwoods, the Juggernaut, & TC

17:53 – The misconceptions of someone living in the West when they perceive Chennai

23:47 – Is the stigma of having a career in the field of creative arts changing? How Dilani’s parents reacted to her pursuing her creative passions

26:30 – How Dilani mitigates risk by working with Cineplex

28:23 – Dilani’s favourite book(s), her newly launched podcast called The Attitude to help promote South Asian women and their endeavours

31:17 – Beliefs and behaviours which have helped Dilani grow, specifically the importance of delegating

34:05 – The impact of being a part of the Tamil, Canadian, and Chennai communities

36:07 – Finding inspiration from individuals in the entertainment space, both in the Tamil community and globally

39:09 – The legacy Dilani wants to be remembered for

40:15 – Would You Choose speed round

45:03 – Where you can find Dilani, other projects she’s working on, Kim’s convenience

47:18 – Outro


Read more of Dilani’s content on TamilCulture.com including her time spent in Chennai!

Dilani Rabindran

Viewfinder Film Consulting

The Attitude Podcast

Krish Rabindran (Dilani’s brother)