EP #18: Thusy Suntharam – Montreal Filmmaker Pursuing Big Screen Dreams While Working A 9-to-5

Thusy Suntharam is a Montreal-based filmmaker and the founder of T-Factory Entertainment. He joins Ara to discuss his film “Love at First Swipe” (which has over 150,000+ YouTube views), creating stories for the Tamil Diaspora, balancing a full-time job while working on passion projects, the power of taking small but consistent steps, the impact of Rajinikanth on Tamil cinema, and much more.

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00:54 – Introducing Thusy Suntharam
02:05 – How social media connected Thusy & Ara
04:55 – Music videos launched Thusy’s directorial experience
06:56 – The inception of T-Factory Entertainment
08:09 – Balancing a full-time job with his passion of filmmaking
10:34 – The power of consistency and taking small steps
12:49 – Why showing up is the victory
14:24 – The importance of having a team
16:58 – How “Love At First Sight” came to be
19:35 – The Montreal Tamil community’s support for Thusy’s first in-theatre premiere
22:30 – Normalizing conversations about previously taboo subjects through film
25:05 – Why Thusy spent money and paid vacation to work on a film project
27:08 – The power of investing in yourself
28:35 – Learning is free if you just put in the effort
31:25 – Responsibilities of immigrant children
33:21 – Impact of COVID on Thusy from a creative perspective
36:36 – Failure that Thusy learned from
40:06 – Thusy’s future plans
42:31 – Wanting to tell the stories of the Tamil disapora
44:45 – Better human means better storyteller
46:46 – The impact of Rajinikanth
50:41 – Work on delaying gratification
52:22 – Would you Rather?
55:40 – The Wrap Up