EP #104: Sindu Sivapalan – Real Estate Investor Who Relocated From The GTA To The East Coast To Pursue Financial Freedom

Sindu Sivapalan (@sindusiva) is a real estate investor who made the bold move from the GTA to the East Coast (Moncton) with her husband while she was 8 months pregnant to pursue financial freedom.

She joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss having a ‘go with the flow’ mindset, what she learned from analyzing portfolios as a financial advisor, the benefits of East Coast living, having a passion for real estate from a young age, the importance of using your equity to work for you while making calculating decisions, and so much more.

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Sindu Sivapalan
02:46 – Relocating to the East Coast of Canada with her husband
06:45 – The impact of her childhood; listing her parents home at 15 years old
11:05 – How quitting her accounting job led to her obsession with real estate
13:15 – Why real estate is a simple math equation
14:52 – Her learnings from analyzing portfolios as a financial advisor
17:58 – Building a multi-family investment portfolio with her husband
21:35 – The Fire Movement; wanting to ‘retire’ early
22:47 – What she plans to do with her time upon retiring
24:00 – Has Sindu’s success convinced her family/friends to follow her blueprint?
26:38 – The benefits of moving from the GTA to the East Coast
31:02 – Does she miss Toronto and will she ever come back?
32:06 – Her plan for the next five years
33:45 – Her biggest learning lesson
36:24 – Advice she would give her 16-year-old self
36:46 – The personal legacy she wants to be remembered for
37:09 – Creator Confessions
39:47 – The Wrap Up

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Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan