EP #25: Jenushika Jeyakumaran – Legal Innovator & Recent Grad Who Co-Founded Tech Company Aleri To Make Trial Preparation Easier For Lawyers

Jenushika Jeyakumaran is a recent grad and the co-founder of tech start-up Aleri, which makes trial preparation easier for lawyers. They initially bootstrapped the company and then got additional funding with a $30K grant from the Accelerator Centre (part of the Jumpstart program), with having a goal of raising more money to accelerate their traction.

She joins Ara to discuss various topics including how she started her own company without getting experience in a start-up, why she refuses to sacrifice her sleep and well-being, her admiration for Gary Vee, and why you need to learn how to tune other people out if their opinions don’t align with your vision.

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00:53 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Jenushika Jeyakumaran
01:36 – Jenushika speaks on her journey in founding Aleri and pursuing it as a full-time endeavour
05:33 – How side hustles and GaryVee opened Jenushika’s eyes
07:27 – Money being a unit of time, tuning out people’s opinions if they don’t understand your vision
09:59 – Aleri’s value proposition, how Jenushika went about securing clients; cold calling, confidence, and more
18:31 – Jenushika’s strategy for retaining customers
20:37 – Aleri’s competitors?
21:46 – How the Aleri team was formed
23:10 – Will Aleri continue bootstrapping or begin fundraising moving forward
25:56 – Jenushika’s expectations for Aleri for the next 3-5 years
26:26 – What motivates Jenushika?
28:53 – Why Jenushika felt like she was failing during the pandemic and how she pulled herself out of that slump
31:24 – How Jenushika avoids burnout; her dog, going for a walk, socializing, and self-care
33:18 – Ara and Jenushika dive deep on the topic of sleep
35:28 – Jenushika’s hobbies; food-stops in Toronto, outdoor activities, continuous learning, and family time
36:55 – Ara and Jenushika discuss the importance of spending time with family, especially post-quarantine
39:33 – Jenushika opens up about her insecurities
40:33 – What kind of people do Jenushika and Ara surround themselves with?
43:11 – Is Jenushika an introvert or extrovert?
47:40 – The impact that the Tamil community has had on Jenushika
49:40 – Being inspired by Mindy Kaling, GaryVee, and Darren Hardy
51:58 – Piece of advice Jenushika has for her fellow Tamil creators
55:07 – Creator Confessions
1:06:35 – The Wrap Up

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Written By:

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  • Yanchan Rajmohan