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EP #60: Ravi Srinivasan – International Programmer At The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) & Hot Docs

Ravi Srinivasan was raised in a half-Filipino, half-Tamil household in Sarnia before moving to Toronto where is he now the Interntional Programmer
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EP #23: Maya Bastian – Investigative Video Journalist To Award-Winning Film Director (Including 2021 Cannes Festival Entrant)

Maya Bastian is a Tamil-Canadian filmmaker, writer and artist. From 2008, she spent several years travelling the world as an investigative video
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EP #3: Dilani Rabindran – How To Make Money In The Film Industry

Ara chats with the founder and managing director of Viewfinder Film Consulting, Dilani Rabindran, about her passion for global cinema, starting a
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