EP #95: Thinesa Sri – Professional Beach Volleyball Player & Fashion Model

Thinesa Sri (@tininthehouse) is a professional volleyball player and fashion model who currently lives in LA, but is originally from Toronto.

She joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss inheriting her parents’ athletic genes, volleyball being the only sport in the world with equal pay for both genders, being labelled as culturally ambiguous and how it benefits her modelling career, chasing a spot in the 2024 Olympics, and so much more.

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Thinesa Sri
01:07 – Growing up in Scarborough
02:10 – How she got into volleyball; lying to her parents
05:58 – Thinesa’s height and its impact on her playing volleyball
07:39 – Transitioning from basketball to volleyball
08:55 – Representing Canada along with her brother
09:48 – Thinesa’s friendship with Ara’s siblings
10:27 – Her path to playing pro volleyball
13:18 – Picking her partners for pro beach volleyball
14:47 – The only sport in the world where male/female pay is equal
16:30 – Her most memorable sports moments thus far
17:12 – Other ways of accruing income as a pro volleyball player
18:50 – What her training and nutrition regimens looks like
21:18 – How she cultivates a winning mindset; mental health
22:53 – How she became a model; moving to LA
25:31 – Will she move back to Toronto?
26:23 – Aiming to represent Canada in the 2024 Olympics
26:59 – Her ideal mix between volleyball and modelling
28:16 – How she diversifies her income; millions
29:36 – Did she doubt herself upon leaving Toronto to go play pro volleyball?
32:07 – What success looks like to Thinesa in the next three years
33:02 – Her biggest learning lesson;
35:14 – Being the number one recruit out of Canada when she was graduating
36:27 – Advice she would give her 16-year-old self
38:48 – The personal legacy she wants to be remembered for
40:01 – Creator Confessions
42:34 – The Wrap Up

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Produced And Mixed By:
– The Tamil Creator
– Yanchan

Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan