EP #15: Thiviyaa Sehasothy – Marketing Professional By Day, Savvy Art Entrepreneur By Night

Thiviyaa Sehasothy, aka Art By Thiviyaa, is a Toronto artist and painter whose specialty is creating magic on canvas with custom & original work for clients. She joins Ara to discuss various topics including her first sale, how exhibitions built her confidence, the simultaneous balance between being an artist and a small business owner, and the personal legacy she wants to leave behind.

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Connect with Thiviyaa – https://www.instagram.com/artbythiviyaa/


01:06 – Introducing Thiviyaa Sehasothy aka Art By Thiviyaa
04:05 – Thiviyaa credits her brother for her success
07:41 – Ara’s brother impersonates him in public
09:15 – How Art By Thiviyaa came to be
14:15 – How exhibitions built Thiviyaa’s confidence
19:03 – Thiviyaa’s first sale
23:30 – How Thiviyaa balances being an artist and a small business owner
26:36 – The difference between an original piece and a print
29:59 – Thiviyaa’s most popular art pieces
31:40 – The concept of doing something once and being paid for it repeatedly
34:20 – NFTs
40:58 – Thiviyaa’s biggest insecurity
46:59 – Where Thiviyaa sees herself in the next 3-5 years
50:35 – How Thiviyaa views money, the importance of valuing your work
58:55 – The personal legacy Thiviyaa wants to leave behind
59:52 – Advice Thiviyaa would give to other Tamil creators
1:02:02 – Creator Confessions
1:07:35 – The wrap up