EP #22: Sathish Muneeswaran – Personal Trainer Changing The Conversation In The Tamil Community Around Strength Training, Fitness & Healthy Eating

Sathish Muneeswaran is a personal trainer at Fit Squad in Toronto. He joins Ara to discuss how hardship breeds success, the importance of sleep, why he prefers J. Cole over Drake (despite being from Canada himself), and they also spend some time reminiscing on their glory days playing in the TTBA (Toronto Tamil Basketball Association).

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00:54 – Introducing Sathish Muneeswaran
04:11 – How Sathish got into the fitness industry
12:20 – The impact of COVID on Sathish personally and professionally
15:32 – Common mistakes people make when beginning to train
20:42 – How Sathish’s parents felt about his career choice
23:05 – Where Sathish sees himself in the next 3-5 years
25:10 – Can a tougher upbringing lead to greater success?
27:45 – Has Sathish experienced lifestyle creep?
29:22 – The Renegades podcast with Barack Obama and Range by Dave Epstein
31:53 – How increased sleep changed Sathish’s life
34:03 – How Sathish wants to be remembered by his friends and family
35:10 – The impact of the Toronto Tamil community on Sathish’s life
38:46 – Admiration for Kamala Harris, J. Cole, and his co-workers
40:21 – Advice for fellow Tamil creators
41:33 – Creator Confessions
45:24 – The Wrap Up