EP #20: Anand Venkateswaran (aka Twobadour) – Crypto Believer/Tinhorn Who Helped Purchase $69M NFT & Co-Manages Metapurse, World’s Largest NFT Fund

Anand Venkateswaran, better known as Twobadour, is one half of the duo who purchased the world’s most expensive NFT at $69 million – Beeple’s “Everydays—The First 5000 Days”. He joins Ara on the latest episode to discuss the world of cryptocurrency, teaming up with Nas Daily to create a content fellowship around crypotocurrency, why the Metaverse will become more important in the future (& why people are buying virtual land) and the importance of maintaining an abundant mindset.

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00:54 – Introducing Twobadour
02:18 – Twobadour’s upbringing, journalism career, cryptocurrency and NFTs
05:52 – Serendipity and success
09:47 – Spending $69,000,000 on an NFT, how Metapurse was born
14:26 – Teaming up with Nas Daily to create a cryptocurrency fellowship
16:40 – Why is Twobadour so bullish on NFTs?
21:19 – What is the Metaverse, why are people buying virtual land
25:23 – The governance of the Metaverse
30:15 – What is a DAO & how can young people create a future for themselves
33:07 – What Twobadour would do if he could go back to the age of 16 with the knowledge he has now
34:28 – Dealing with mainstream fame
36:18 – How Twobadour structures his day, where he sees himself in 3-5 years
38:16 – Having an abundant mindset
40:38 – Big projects coming up
41:55 – Does Twobadour have investments outside of cryptocurrency and NFTs?
43:03 – Hobbies outside of work?
43:51 – What’s Twobadour insecure about?
44:43 – The personal legacy Twobadour wants to leave behind
45:41 – Books that have been life changing for Twobadour
47:07 – New belief/behaviour/habit that has changed his life
47:39 – Twobadour’s advice to fellow Tamil creators
48:04 – Twobadour’s inspirations
48:45 – Creator Confessions
51:06 – The Wrap Up