EP #14: Yanchan – Popular Carnatic Hip Hop Producer Talks About His Drake-Inspired Dreams, Love For Scarborough & Financial Freedom

Yanchan is a Scarborough-raised producer who blends hip-hop with Carnatic music. He joins Ara for what could be considered the Scarborough episode, to discuss how he fell in love with music and achieved his childhood dreams of performing on tour, his recently released Scarborough Beat Tape, how to make money off of music, why he doesn’t turn down opportunities anymore, and a lot more!

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01:06 – Introducing Yanchan
03:37 – Studying economics at Laurier, family’s view on his career ambitions
07:08 – The Scarborough Beat Tape, nostalgia for the city
14:13 – Achieving his childhood dream of performing on tour
18:22 – Shan Vincent de Paul and the track “best friend”
20:39 – The Tamil music scene, artists who Yanchan wants to collaborate with
21:56 – Being inspired by another music producers, and wanting to give back in a similar way
23:14 – How does Yanchan make money (Spotify, selling beats, artist development)
28:11 – COVID-inspired business ideas
30:14 – Why Yanchan takes every shot he gets
32:28 – Networking as an introvert, wanting to connect the Indian and American markets
34:56 – Yanchan’s admiration for Drake, and wanting to mimic his career
36:26 – Financial freedom
38:14 – How has the Tamil community impacted Yanchan
39:14 – Beliefs and behaviours which have improved Yanchan’s life
42:03 – How Yanchan decompresses from work, prioritization of family/friends
43:29 – Yanchan’s advice for other creators
44:06 – Creator Confessions
46:16 – The wrap up