EP #100: Ara Ehamparam – Podcast Host, Entrepreneur & FIRE Believer

Ara Ehamparam (@araehamparam) is the podcast host of “The Tamil Creator”.  He’s an entrepreneur, FIRE believer and admirer of creators.

On this momentous 100th episode of #TheTamilCreator, Ara’s wife, Claudia (@claudiangele), turns the tables on our usual host to find out more about him. They explore why he started “The Tamil Creator” podcast, special messages from his best friend & guest on EP 44 of the podcast @vas_saranga [founder of @theonlineactor] as well as his favourite (& only sister) Shagana, how he got the nickname “Tamil Nelly”, his various entrepreneurial ventures, his unparalleled passion for Google calendar, the value of giving more than you take, his innate desire to embody the message of Nike, and much more – you don’t wanna miss this episode!

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Claudia Ehamparam
00:39 – Claudia introduces this week’s guest, Ara Ehamparam
02:17 – Ara talks about how his early childhood led him to become an entrepreneur
04:45 – Being born in Sri Lanka and moving to Canada (Montreal/Scarborough)
06:30 – A special message from Ara’s favourite (and only) sister, Shagana
07:28 – Why Ara wants to be a guest on “My First Million”
08:01 – Why Ara pursued entrepreneurship after obtaining an engineering degree
09:51 – Why Ara prioritizes ownership or time; Alfred, Mr. Money Mustache, FIRE, etc.
11:47 – Ara breaks down the FIRE movement
14:58 – The difficulty of convincing Claudia to jump onboard with FIRE
15:43 – Why “Tamil” is in so many of Ara’s ventures; his connection to the community
16:53 – The origin of Ara’s ventures; TamilCulture, MyTamilDate, The Tamil Creator, etc.
20:21 – Meeting Kevin O’Leary along his Continyou Care journey
21:11 – How Ara balances his time between work, passion projects, and personal life
22:43 – Being unafraid of failure and sticking with his commitments; how he does it
24:15 – Valuing execution more than ideas
24:34 – Is “dad guilt” a thing and does Ara experience it?
25:58 – Ara’s greatest learning lessons in the past 3-5 years
27:01 – How Ara goes about “relationship-building” aka networking; give more, take less
28:21 – How Ara earned the nickname “Tamil Nelly”
31:28 – Advice he would give to his 16-year-old self; Tamil Nelly
32:40 – How Ara wants to be remembered by friends and family
33:32 – Why he is dedicated to showcasing Tamil talent in society
34:33 – Creator Confessions
42:57 – Ara’s vision for the future of The Tamil Creator podcast
43:40 – Guest of EP44 (aka Ara’s BFFL) calls in one last time
45:46 – The Wrap Up

Intro Music

Produced And Mixed By:
– The Tamil Creator
– Yanchan

Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan