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Month: December 2022

EP #93: Geetha Moorthy – Founder & Executive Director Of The SAAAC Autism Centre

Geetha Moorthy (@geethamoorthysaaac) is the Founder & Executive Director of SAAAC Autism Centre (@thesaaac) in Toronto, which she has been working on
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EP #92: Charles Bosco – Award-Winning Producer & British Serial Entrepreneur (Launched NFT Collection “Millionaire Monkey Club”)

Charles Bosco (@charlesbosco) is an award-winning music producer & serial entrepreneur with a passion for Web3. He joins Ara on this week’s
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EP #91: Hamsha Pathmanathan – Wildlife Biologist’s Journey Working In Places Like Nigeria & The Northwest Territories

Hamsha Pathmanathan (@hamsha.p) is currently a Habitat Biologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada while previously working as a Wildlife Biologist in
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