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EP #106: Mohana Rajakumar – American Creative Living In Qatar Sharing Her Storytelling Journey As An Author, Filmmaker & Standup Comic

Mohana Rajakumar (@moha_doha) is an American-Tamil (currently residing in Qatar) novelist, comic, scholar and screenwriter with a PhD in English. She joins
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EP #74: Sibi Selvanathan – Writing & Publishing An Amazon Top 5 Epic Fantasy Book In 18 Months During The Pandemic

Sibi Selvanathan (@superstarsibi) is a Product Manager by profession who was able to knock off a bucket list item for himself by
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EP #45: Sharon Bala – Award-winning & Bestselling Author of “The Boat People”

Sharon Bala (@sharon.bala) is is a Canadian writer and the award-winning, bestselling author of “The Boat People”. This book is inspired by
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EP #32: Amarnath Amarasingam – Hip Hop Aficionado, Assistant Professor, Researcher & Author

Amarnath Amarasingam is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue,
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EP #29: Indira Samarasekera – Former University President & Current Board Member (Of Several Large Market Cap Companies), Co-Authors Book To Help Create More Female Leaders

Indira Samarasekera is the former president of the University of Alberta and a current board member of several large market cap companies
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