EP #85: Keerthana Rang – A Career In Communications Spanning From Politics To Tech (Uber, Sidewalk Labs)

Keerthana Rang (@keerthanarang) is the Corporate Communications Lead at @Uber in Canada.

She joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss transitioning from politics to tech, growing up in the Tamil co-op in Parkdale, how governments & private companies interact to drive innovation forward, her involvement in developing the new @tamilcommunitycentre in Scarborough, if school actually matters in the grand scheme of things, and much more.

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Keerthana Rang
00:57 – Keerthana speaks on her upbringing in the GTA
03:42 – How she got involved in politics; the impact of living in a co-op
06:02 – Taking freedom for granted; the boom of Tamil people in politics
06:39 – Wanting to be a teacher with a house in the suburbs; grade 11 changed things
10:23 – Working for the sister company of Google, Sidewalk Labs
14:11 – Moving to Radical Ventures: an organization investing in AI to solve real-world problems
16:58 – Will the role of governments change as technological innovation continues
20:10 – The importance of storytelling and communicating your story; Uber
25:04 – What Keerthana’s day-to-day looks like at Uber
26:37 – Uber communications staff in Canada versus America
27:25 – Being involved in the development of the new Tamil community centre in Scarborough
31:00 – When will the community be live and available for people to start making use of it?
32:43 – Being a part of the Empire Club: a speaking platform tackling daily issues
34:12 – Balancing work and sleep; waking up at 5AM and sleeping at 10PM
34:45 – The role of education in hiring in the future; is student debt worth it?
40:47 – Her biggest learning lesson on her path to success
43:10 – Advice she would give her 16-year-old self
44:55 – The personal legacy she wants to be remember for by friends and family
46:46 – How Keerthana wants to be remembered by her daughter
48:23 – Creator Confessions
1:00:09 – The Wrap Up

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Produced And Mixed By:
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Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan