EP #68: Tharshan Rajendiram – Co-Creator Of The “Basement Reels” YouTube Channel (80,000+ Subscribers)

Tharshan Rajendiram (@tharshanr) is writer, director, standup comedian and actor, along with being the co-creating behind the famous “Basement Reels” YouTube channel (@basementreels, 80,000+ subscribers).

He joins Ara on this week’s episode of #TheTamilCreator to discuss how he he met his co-creator behind the “Basement Reels” YouTube channel, the desire to belong after immigrating here from Sri Lanka, Basement Reels growing to more than 80K subscribers, making a demo tape during the pandemic, how fans inspire him to keep making content, not getting bogged down by failure, and so much more.

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– Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tharshanr/)

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Tharshan Raj
01:05 – From Sri Lanka to Canada, studying at Ryerson, going viral on Basement Reels
09:35 – The observational comedy of Basement Reels and its relatability
12:46 – Tharshan’s lifelong passion for acting
13:18 – Working with an agent, securing auditions, and being busy while doing what he loves
14:55 – Balancing a full-time job while driving his creative career forward
16:39 – How skills from his full-time job have helped with Basement Reels
17:38 – Feedback and reactions to the videos Tharshan has made
21:04 – What the future looks like for Basement Reels and Tharshan
21:51 – How Basement Reels in funded; YouTube revenue and business partners
22:58 – Ara calls dibs on Tharshan’s first NFT
28:46 – Tharshan’s biggest learnings in the last few years
31:57 – Gradual progression and the importance of incrementally improving
33:40 – How Tharshan wants to be remembered by friends and family
34:34 – Advice he would give his 16-year-old self; be a little bit more disciplined
35:27 – Learning to appreciate time changed Tharshan’s life for the better
36:43 – Podcasts ,being inspired by things around us, and getting out of your comfort zone
42:20 – Creator Confessions
46:02 – The Wrap Up

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Produced And Mixed By:
– The Tamil Creator
– Yanchan

Written By:
– Aravinthan Ehamparam
– Yanchan Rajmohan