EP #55: Manjula Selvarajah & Kirthana Sasitharan – CBC Journalists Behind The Award-Winning “Boldly Asian” Series

Manjula Selvarajah (@manjaselva) and Kirthana Sasitharan (@kirthanasasitharan) are this week’s guests on #TheTamilCreator. Manjula is a Toronto-based journalist, a guest host on CBC Ontario’s shows, and co-founder of Tamil Women Rising (@tamilwomenrising). Kirthana is a CBC news reporter and associate producer. They are both co-creators of the “Boldly Asian” series on @CBC.

They join Ara to discuss their friendship, receiving feedback as a creator, their award-winning “Boldly Asian” series, Tamil women helping push other Tamil women’s careers forward, learning to embrace rejection, and much more.

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00:19 – Ara introduces this week’s guests, Manjula and Kirthana
01:50 – Kirthana speaks on her upbringing, family, and path to becoming a journalist
06:54 – How an electronics class in Nigeria, and Manjula’s dad, changed her life
09:57 – Manjula’s past fertility issues, and how she became a journalist
15:40 – How Kirthana and Manjula met, and the professional journey they’ve been on together
30:09 – Receiving feedback as a creator, the award they won together for creating the Boldly Asian
34:17 – What a pitching process, and a good pitch, consists of
42:29 – What the future of the Boldly Asian series looks like
43:48 – How they view social media, tech sabbaths, the future of creators
55:28 – Their view on good journalists leaving big companies to “do their own thing”
1:04:53 – Advice they would give their 16-year-old selves
1:07:48 – The personal legacies they each want to leave behind
1:15:57 – Creator Confessions
1:28:31 – The Wrap Up

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