EP #26: Rick Selvarajah – UK-Based Professional MMA Fighter Turned Entrepreneur

Rick Selvarajah is a professional UK-based MMA fighter turned entrepreneur. He joins Ara to discuss how he went from wanting to lose weight to falling in love with MMA and now owning an academy (Revival MMA and Fitness). They also discuss the worst injury Rick every sustained, how fatherhood changed him, the most money he’s ever made from a fight, the notion that time is the most important commodity, and much more!

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00:53 – Ara introduces this week’s guest, Rick Selvarajah
02:22 – How Rick entered the world of MMA, how someone being a professional fighter
06:36 – Rick’s first professional fight
07:48 – The worst injury he ever sustained
10:00 – How Rick balances training, work (his academy Revival MMA and Fitness), and other obligations (i.e., family)
11:22 – When will Rick retire?
13:42 – Rick talks about his son, why the last time he fought was over 3 years ago
16:44 – How Rick makes money as a professional fighter
18:06 – The most Rick has ever made for a fight
21:08 – What motivates Rick to work in this profession
24:25 – When/why Rick started Revival MMA and Fitness, how its progressing
26:47 – How he finds students to train at his academy
28:36 – Insecure about setting a bad example for his son
30:11 – Hobbies outside of work and training; family interaction, thrill seeking, etc.
32:06 – Rick’s relationship with money, his investing strategy, why time is the most valuable commodity
39:06 – The last book Rick read (Analects of Confucius), his favourite podcast (JRE), why he admires Jordan Peterson
41:40 – Using YouTube for learning; building a cabinet during quarantine
43:44 – Where Rick sees himself in 3-5 years
44:30 – The impact that the UK Tamil community has had on Rick
46:14 – Rick’s admiration for his grandfather, and the coaches and people he trains with at his gym
48:47 – Advice Rick would give to other fellow Tamil creators
51:21 – Would You Rather
53:35 – The Wrap Up

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Produced And Mixed By:

  • The Tamil Creator
  • Yanchan

Written By:

  • Aravinthan Ehamparam
  • Yanchan Rajmohan