Toronto Sports Fanatic, Content Creator & Entrepreneur Supendra Chandrakumar Shares The #LoveMyCityProject Origin Story And Why He Launched Supendra Social

I’ve been following your Instagram account for awhile – amazing to see your growth!  Why did you decide to create an account focused on promoting Toronto?

The city of Toronto is my home and we always represent where we’re from, so I decided to use it as my focus.  It served as a place of refuge for not only my immigrant parents, but for countless other Tamils who fled the war. This city was a land of new opportunities and a land of a promising new life. My parents immediately connected with the sports scene in the city, and in growing up in such an atmosphere, I became engulfed in it too. My Instagram account and hashtag, #LoveMyCityProject, aims to bring that same love I have for the city to everyone else. In understanding my privilege of living here, as opposed to a war-torn island, I knew the role Toronto plays in my life early on, and focused my creative page to highlight it. 

I remember your travel photos where you would show yourself wearing outfits (jerseys, hats, etc.) from the different Toronto sports teams.  Did that end up being your “hook” of what made your account stand out in the “noise” that is social media?

I always found sports to be a source of comradery between countries, and as someone who grew up playing the beautiful sport of soccer, I saw it firsthand. With the knowledge that sports can connect the world, I knew that I could reach an audience of greater magnitude and use that to learn about their cities and villages, as I shared about mine. Toronto’s professional sports teams have an international crowd thanks to many of the families who share their love with loved ones from other countries. I used that interest to share my love of the city by way of sports, and educate any who may not know about our city in the process. Overall, I think it’s a unique niche and it’s certainly a learning experience for everyone involved. 

What made you decide to stay the course for 9 years creating content consistently? (as the content grind is real & difficult!)

It’s the love for the city  – it’s honestly that simple. I’m truly passionate about Toronto and all that it represents on many fronts. Our culture, our parks, our restaurants and of course, our sports scene is just immaculate and honestly represents a lot of this country. When the passion is there, anything is possible and that’s what’s kept this running for almost a decade now.

You went from working for others to recently launching your own business in the last 3 years.  What prompted the switch?  Did you have any difficulty transitioning from a work perspective (self-accountability, etc.)?

I knew it was time to branch out and be held accountable for accounts on my own. I had always worked with separate accounts on a part-time basis, and slowly found myself wanting to do more for them. This prompted the switch to begin my own business and it truly was liberating. I had a lot more responsibility to take on; however, it was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself. Transitioning was easy, as the motivation was there and it was a brand that had my name; this meant that it was a reflection of me and I had to uphold that always. This business has also allowed me to explore more creatively, learn new skills, and learn to love the craft of marketing in new ways.

How did you think your childhood or your formative teenage years play a part in you developing a passion for sports and also for marketing?

My parents made Toronto home, and right from the start, they immersed themselves in its culture. They both connected with the teams and the hype surrounding them in the city. Growing up in a sports household, that was what we watched on TV. Whether it was Vince Carter with the Raptors, Mats Sundin with the Leafs or Carlos Delgado with the Jays, my parents made sure we were cheering. The love for sports started early on and has continued through the years! 

With regards to influences in my marketing career, I’d have to thank my father for starting it off. He was an accountant back home, and naturally, I veered towards the same field of numbers and business. It wasn’t until after university that I started to tap into the creative side of marketing where the mundane no longer existed. The challenges were inspiring and with digital marketing being a relatively new field for Tamils, I was interested in learning and doing more. My parents were supportive and intrigued from the beginning, which made the career choice an easy transition. 

Tell us about 1 or 2 cool opportunities you’ve been able to participate in as a result of your social media work.

I think my Rogers and Pearson International Airport partnerships were some of the coolest opportunities I’ve been lucky to experience. They were both amazing in their own ways and in fact, the Pearson partnership was the reason I got to experience the 2020 NYC Ball Drop in Times Square. I’m very thankful for these moments and the partnerships I get to be a part of through my social media work.

How do you go about getting new clients?

Getting new clients has always been about referrals, word of mouth and of course, social media itself. I’ve networked with many organizations growing up and still hold onto those connections. Some of these individuals have reached out or have sent referrals my way. It’s always a humbling experience. 

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