Momtrepreneur tanya yoganathan discusses business, parenthood & social media

Tanya Yoganathan is an influential social media personality in the Tamil community who discusses a variety of topics across her social media platforms. She also recently launched an e-commerce brand called “Her Sun & Stars” which offers customized goods that will offer diverse designs and personalization in any language.

You have a significant social media following, especially on Instagram – how did you go about building your following?

I didn’t really set to “go about building my following” to be honest.  I started on Instagram nearly a decade ago when my husband and I started a wedding photography business and Instagram was completely different then. This pre-dates things like IG Story or Lives or Reels or Highlights and so literally everything went on your feed – the tone of Instagram as we know it now was completely non-existent at that point.  A few years in, I figured it was a good idea to separate business and personal and so I just started my own account. The other thing is that though an audience size like mine is more difficult to organically obtain now, it really wasn’t so hard at that point.  Before, the “algorithm” wasn’t this mysterious beast that people were trying to figure out or one-up. People followed you, they saw every post you shared on your feed in a sequential order, and you could be seen on the Explorer page – it was very easy to grow quickly, even without going viral.  

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