After losing his job due to covid-19, arun prashad jeyesekeram created his own opportunities in pyxlfox & kitchonapp

Losing his job due to COVID-19 was a low point for Arun, but he bounced back by creating something of his own in Pyxlfox (marketing agency) and KitchonApp (to help the struggling restaurant industry).

What made you decide to become a web designer?

As a child, I loved to draw, watch cartoons, and loved 3D animations. I studied 3D models, created animated drawings, and used to draw 3D sketches of human bodies. Originally, I wanted to become an animator and work for Hollywood in Pixar or any other movie production company, but I did not have enough financial support to explore this opportunity. So, I chose the next best thing for me, which was a designer.

What made you take the jump from working for somebody to starting Pyxlfox (services-based business) and then more recently KitchonApp (product-based business)?

I worked as a graphic designer for multiple companies over the span of 10-12 years. I did freelancing on the side but when I lost my job due to COVID-19; I made this my full-time job. I wanted to take this opportunity to make a name for myself and create my own branding. I wanted people to know me as Arun Prashad, the founder of Pyxlfox, and not Arun who works for someone else. I think Pyxlfox and KitchonApp have both given me some sort of recognition where people know who I am and what I am capable of.

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